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What is youthberry flavor?

youthberry flavor is derived from the combination of the organic superfoods found in youthH2O. In this proprietary formula you can literally taste the pureness and quality of the superfoods. Sure it doesn’t taste like soda, but soda doesn’t fight the signs of aging either. We take pride in our opulent pure youth activating concentrate so much that you can taste it in the bottle!

What should I do if I don’t like the taste?

Taste is a matter of preference and so far the consumers are tolerating the taste very well which proves that it is an acquired taste! After drinking 3-4 bottles you will most likely find that you have acquired a pleasant tolerance to the taste so its best to judge it after a week. If you still are not able to consume it, we also recommend you to mix the 2oz shot with your favorite juices, smoothies and even cocktails! This is a common way to get your daily superfood nutrition and the amazing age defying benefits without having to take the shot straight. You will find the benefits outweigh the lack of flavoring agents and pure flavor of the superfoods, if you can find a way to consume it favorably with other juices, smoothies etc.

youthH2O’s taste has also evolved, while the benefits are still the same, the new generation has been made significantly more tasty, so while you may currently enjoy the benefits but not the taste, the new batches will be sure to make ‘growing young’ taste better without compromising the purity and effectiveness of the superfoods which are the results that count.

So I take it once daily, 5 days a week, for 3 weeks, and then stop for 1 week?

Yes. That is correct. It is very simple to follow and good to the wallet. There is NO need to take it more than 5 times per week. After 3 weeks, 5 times per week (total of 15 bottles), you can opt to take off 7 to 10 days.

Do I have to take youthH2O forever?

Keep in mind taking youthH2O is like eating food. It is dominantly made of superfoods. If you are willing to eat certain foods every day like vegetables and fruits; well that’s how you can treat youthH2O. Think of it as having a daily serving of incomparable and extraordinary superfoods. Again, we like to take a week off every three weeks, and sometimes even a month off after prolonged use. Why? Because we feel that youthH2O is a SOLUTION, not a short-term fix, and during the “off” periods of youthH2O, your body continues its re-balancing act!

Can I Take More Than One a day?

youthH2O is safe and yes you can take more than one per day, but we don’t see any reason why you would need more than one per day. Now for added immunity support, for example going to a crowded area, airports, workplaces, or places where you want to protect yourself from getting sick by giving yourself an additional immunity boost, then we suggest taking a youthH2O shot prior to attending the crowded area.

How Long Before I See Results?

You will see noticeable results within 2 weeks!  Some will feel results in just a few days.
You will however get instant caffeine free energy and a superior immunity boost the day you take it. Daily, it will give you enough energy support to get you through the day the safe way, without the crash and burn harmful effects of so called “energy drinks”. For all the other wonderful benefits, stick to the program and you will start to notice results within 2 weeks!

How does youthH2O give me sustainable energy and at the same time help me sleep better?

Think of a child or even think back when you were a ‘youthful’ teenager. Everyone has observed a child or teenager playing all day (great energy), but yet when they sleep they sleep like a baby! When you are youthful, you have incredible energy and also incredible sleep.

Do you remember as a child or even as a teenager ever needing energy drinks for energy or
sleeping aids for sleep? This is what youthH2O is all about! youthH2O brings your body back to internal stability like when you were younger. It does this by sending positive and negative feedback throughout the body! Remember, your body is like a library of book shelves. Where your shelves are empty or running low, youtH2O restores those empty shelves. At the same time where there are too many books on a shelf, youthH2O rebalances those shelves for you.

How does it compare to Pomegranate or Acai?

We LOVE all superfoods. Both pomegranate and acai are amazing foods, but not all superfoods
are created equal or serve the same benefits. The superfoods in youthH2O are one of a kind and are data driven. Their benefits are proven as a result of study after study of how effective they are! youthH2O superfoods not only give benefits superior to that of acai and pomegranate, but youthH2O superfoods activate the youthful elements in your body, helping you turn back the hands of time!

Is there a more scientific explanation of what you mean by “activating the youthful elements in
my body”?

The human body is made up of many glands. These glands produce the many messengers within your body, making sure your body is in balance. The messengers then regulate the body to its zenith. However, when the regulation is out of balance, so is your body. Your body becoming out of balance can happen naturally from the aging process and by environmental factors. This is where youthH2O comes in! Amongst all of your glands there is a master gland called the Pituitary gland, otherwise known as your ‘Aging Clock’. This master gland over looks and monitors all the other glands in your body playing a very important role in the aging process. youthH2O activates and nourishes this master gland ensuring your Aging Clock remains youthful!

Are youthH2O superfoods available everywhere?

When was the last time you saw purple corn? And purple corn is just one of the youthH2O superfoods. youthH2O superfoods come from the mountains of South America and harvesting them is no easy task. Further, some of these superfoods come in different types and colors. The key is to use the right types and the right colors. This is what makes youthH2O that much more amazing! It’s nearly impossible to duplicate the proprietary youthH2O ‘youth activating concentrate’ as we spent years developing and perfecting our formula.

Are there different instructions for men and women?

No, not at all. We recommend one bottle daily for everyone. Again, keep in mind you are taking in superfoods, not harmful drugs or chemicals.

Who should precaution taking it?

Pregnant or nursing women should always consult a physician prior to starting any dietary
supplement. youthH2O should not be taken by children or adolescents. Always consult a doctor prior to dietary changes.

Is youthH2O addictive?

Absolutely not! That’s why you can take time off and take it as you like daily. youthH2O is
a solution, not a quick-fix gimmick like other products out there where you end up where you started or sometimes even worse. Again, taking youthH2O is literally as if you are eating an abundance of superior superfoods. It’s safe and it works!

For instant energy, is youthH2O better than a mega caffeinated shot?

If you’re looking for a quick short-term fix, youthH2O isn’t going to put your body through that like harmful energy shots.  youthH2O is a CAFFEINE-FREE Age Defying System that gives you long lasting progressive energy.  Not a crash and burn shot that gives you a jolt and back down. youthH2O gives you enough energy to get you through the day the safe way.

And over time youthH2O gives you much more SUSTAINABLE ENERGY than any shot out there by restoring your energy shelves. youthH2O is a wonder shot… An answer and solution to long lasting energy and youth, without the crash and burn harmful effects of so called “energy drinks”.

How long can you put your body through the up and down harmful crash cycle of mega caffeinated energy shots and drinks?  With caffeinated shots you ALWAYS end up where you started.  So take the safe, long term solution!  youthH2O is so much more than an energy shot.

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