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Felicia’s Fit Tip: How to Tone your Tummy

I am featured on Fox 10 every week with a segment called Felicia’s Fit Method…my goal is to provide easy and healthy tips that you can incorporate into your daily life. I discussed the importance of having a strong core and demonstrated some exercises that hit the deep core muscles. [...]

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The Power of Purple = Longevity

If you don’t know by now, I LOVE the power of food, especially super foods, which have macro nutrition in a micro dose. New to North America, but well known in South America, Purple Corn is an anti-aging superfood that gives super duper antioxidant protection, decreases inflammation, and fights obesity! [...]

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Daydreaming Beauty: Hosting youthH2O Giveaway!

Amber Brooks MacDonald is a writer, beauty blogger, wife, mom to five, lover of all things beauty(nails/makeup/perfume/hair care/skin care). Amber is the editor-in-chief of the beauty blog, Daydreaming Beauty. We are happy to announce her current youthH2O giveaway! From right now until Monday, May 5th (12pmPST), Amber is giving ONE [...]

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Energy Drink Emergency Room Visits on the Rise

Energy drinks continue to prove they are nothing but crash and burn products that do NOT give the body real energy. Instead, users always end up back to square one. But, now they find themselves ending up in the Emergency Room. Did we really think taking addictive chemicals would get [...]

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