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14 Herbs That Will Make You Horny, Baby!

What's the secret to amazing sex? We've heard everything - confidence, trust, willingness to let go and have fun. But is there more to the recipe? Ever since watching Love Potion #9. I've fantasized about magic herbs and potions that would make me simple irresistible. While I have yet to [...]

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Workout Myths Debunked!

When it comes to working out it seems that everyone is an expert these days.  But how do you know what is right and what is wrong? No matter what new trends and fads pop up in the world of fitness, there are some myths that just don’t seem to [...]

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You Live it! We’ll help! Sweepstakes

Our friends and new retailer, Super Supplements are having a huge #youthH2O giveaway in celebration of youthH2O proudly being available there! Click on the image to enter to win a 4 MONTH SUPPLY OF YOUTHH2O + TSHIRT!

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Complot Magazine features youthH2O

Translation: The Fountain of Youth As we age, our bodies gradually lose the natural elements that the body once produced, creating a vacuum in the internal balance. Derived from a mixture of organic superfoods, YouthH2O fills that void while also reactivating the internal systems that produce the nutrients responsible for [...]

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