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The Peruvian Diet

The Peruvian Super Foods Diet Detoxify, energize and supercharge your fat loss – all promoted in Manuel Villacorta’s their book, “Whole Body Reboot: The Peruvian Super Foods Diet.” Villacorta makes a healthy smoothie and potato salad.

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youthH2O on Good Day Sacramento

youthH2O recommended on Good Day Sacramento "youthH2O, caffeine free shot. The question is can you drink your self pretty? With the highest level of Vitamin C, camu camu, purple corn, and maca. You have everything you need in a 2oz shot! You can get it at GNC, and Cheers [...]

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Paint the Town Red

Paint the Town Red You’ll have to excuse the late posts recently. I’ve been traveling between Kuala Lumpur and Los Angeles, so my photos still need to catch up with me (the inevitable result of jet lag). Today, I find myself reminiscing from my hotel in KL about a red [...]

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40% OFF youthH2O’s Travel Sized Month Supply!

  Happy Summer Solstice! We bring to you three of South America's superfoods for only $16 a month. Benefits include better hair, skin, and nails. Natural peak performance, immunity support, and a boost in your libido. This limited time offer is here for you to be able to enjoy [...]

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March Nutrition Month Sale!

Hey Beauties! We have a great sale this month for nutrition month. Get youthH2O as part of your daily beauty routine. This is your chance to get youthH2O 30% OFF. Get your hair, skin, and nails beauty drink today! Get 30% OFF!

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